Add Sensitive Data Discovery and Management to Your Portfolio

Become an Identity Finder partner and leverage our technology to address a common need facing thousands of organizations today: How to inventory, consolidate and protect sensitive data. The market for these services is growing exponentially, so contact us today.

Prepare to meet your clients evolving security needs

Most of your clients don’t know they have sensitive data all over the place – in emails, on cloud storage, in scanned documents.  Help them get started with sensitive data management by discovering the what, where, who, when and why?

Many of your clients lack the resources, timing or expertise to embark on sensitive data management alone, but it’s vital to the survival of their business.  Lost employee data impacts profits by increasing expenses such as breach notification costs and insurance hikes.  Your clients can rely on your resources to inform and manage their sensitive data.

Strengthen and expand your relationships

As an Identity Finder partner, you have the tools to discover, classify, and consolidate sensitive data.  You involve your clients to answer the who, what, where, when and why when storing sensitive data.

Take client relationships to the next level.  Assessment leads to policy design and process improvement.  Your services, along Identity Finder's solutions, takes your relationship to strategic levels.  You engage at the highest levels to design a sensitive data management initiative.

Attain recurring revenue opportunities

Your clients require continuous monitoring of their sensitive data, including remediation enforcement and notification of data leaks.  Our solutions automate those policies with rules and scheduled searching and auditing.  You collect the recurring fees!

Whether its for corporate compliance, regulatory action, or internal auditing, your clients need to know which processes are working and need refinement.  With Identity Finder's solutions, it’s as simple as pushing a button and reviewing reports .  Wherever your client stores or works with sensitive data, our solutions provide a detailed report on the discovery, protection and remediation of the data.

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