Search Images with OCR Image Search Module

The OCR Image Search Module helps organizations prevent data loss by finding and protecting sensitive information in even more places – Images! Its key differentiator is the reduction of false positives, easy to configure options, and speed. The AnyFind™ engine automatically discovers confidential data stored within images on desktops, servers, remote computers, databases, websites, and removable drives.

The OCR Module will now allow Identity Finder to search inside PDF images, BMP, DCX, JP2, JPG, JPF, JPM, JPX, PCX, PNG, and TIFF files. This is of critical importance since many e-fax services store faxes as TIF or PDF image files. Additionally, many PDF forms are scanned after being signed and subsequently stored on disk or in e-mail attachments as PDF images. Searching images is seamless to the end user and will be the same as searching other text files.

This module is bundled with Sensitive Data Manager and can be added on to any other Identity Finder solution.
Discover Sensitive Information within Images Search Deep with High Accuracy Comprehensive Detection
Search images stored inside files, e-mail attachments, and PDFs. Identity Finder will extract text from images similar to any other file and discover sensitive data. Configure what to find and how deep to search to determine compliance with data leakage laws and privacy requirements. Find unprotected Social Security Numbers, PCI Information, PHI data, Dates of Birth, Bank Account Numbers, Passwords and more. Search for intellectual property or custom data types.

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